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Firm Overview

Who We Are...

We are an agency of inventors, delivering bold marketing and communications synergy to our clients.

We are experts at reaching your customers and stakeholders in the most direct way possible. We leverage online engagement and communications/branding strategies with dynamic Drupal development, mobile applications, sophisticated analytics, and energetic content creation and optimization.

We are mentors, dedicated to offering training services to our clients: Knowledge is the super power that allows you to manage your own campaigns. When everyone is empowered, we all work better to create beautiful collaborations.


Aliensun Labs, LLC

Aliensun Labs, LLC is based in San Francisco, with a full-service team of makers and doers with decades of top-tier industry experience. Since 2007, we have worked with clients such as Ingo Money, Pivot Learning Partners and several Fortune 100 companies to achieve their specific marketing and communications goals. Our team is native to the worlds of social justice and education — lifelong learning and the creation of an equitable planet where all people have an opportunity to succeed, is the fuel that keeps this sun burning bright. We love to work with companies and organizations — large and small — that share our passion.  


Aliensun Services

Successful communication of the message on all platforms is what drives customer visits, engagement, and sales. Aliensun Labs is a full-service communications company: Our team is ready, beakers brimming with the science and sparkle required to supercharge your company’s message.

  • Marketing Strategy Development, including digital, mobile, guerilla, event etc.

  • Marketing Asset Creation, including design, content creation, content strategy etc.

  • Marketing optimization & strategy

  • Email marketing, including campaign strategy, template creation, metrics A/B testing and optimization.

  • Digital ad network management — PPC, SEM, Display, Retargeting, and Social Media Ads

  • User Experience (UX) and User Interaction (UI) design

  • Branding and Identity development services

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We believe that Drupal is currently the most robust, dynamic, secure and stable content management system available.  It is infinitely scalable, user-friendly for even non-technical users, and so flexible that it enables virtually any requirement you have for your website. We strongly encourage our clients to leverage its impressive capacity. (Ruby on Rails and WordPress are available on the Aliensun starship.)

    •    Website development in the Drupal CMS
    •    Custom Drupal module and theme development
    •    Web architecture & project management
    •    PCI Compliance
    •    Server architecture and maintenance
    •    App development with full website integration

Your super power is knowledge! We believe that education empowers people to work better. Because of this, we offer training services to complement our project offerings so that our clients are able to manage their own campaigns. You know what they say about teaching a person to fish? You got this.

  • Drupal training, so your team can manage your site.

  • Email training.

  • Digital ad network management training — PPC, SEM, Display, Retargeting, and Social Media Ads.

  • SMS/Text messaging programs.

See that communication device in your hand? It’s magical. Aliensun will make this magic work for your company by developing an elegant app with full website integration — and then we will market it for you. Watch it sparkle.

  • App User Experience (UX) and User Interaction (UI) design

  • App development with full website integration

  • App marketing, both in-app and app promotion

  • Geolocated products or services

Our Team

Julian Barber

CEO & Drupal Architect

Julian founded Aliensun in 2007 while working at Apple, Inc. From the beginning, he has been focused on empowering clients through the Drupal CMS, corporate training and digital marketing. He built his first Drupal site in Drupal 5, and has launched and maintained detailed customized sites in versions 6 through 7+ since that time.

Super Power:
Drupal, Technical Project Management, Creative
Fun Factoid:
When he is not delighting clients, he is the front man for Pony Fight, a San Francisco prog-rock band.

Kaytea Petro

CMO & Technical Project Manager

Kaytea graduated with an MBA in Sustainable Business from Presidio Graduate School in 2008. Since that time, she has focused on leveraging the best-in-class digital communication and marketing tools to deliver high impact messaging for sustainable companies, both in-house and as a consultant. She has been working with Drupal and Wordpress since 2008 and built her first Drupal site in Drupal 5.

Super Power:
Marketing, Social Networking, SEM, SEO, Project Management, Drupal, Wordpress, Email Marketing
Fun Factoid:
She is the founder and co-owner of Neighborhood Fruit, a web based service that connects people to the fresh produce growing in their neighborhoods.

Jess Weida

Creative Director

Jess is a designer, problem solver, maker and illustrator. She is a senior creative savvy in all stages of the making, from concept to execution with over 14 years satisfying customers.

Super Power:
Graphic Design, User Experience, User Interface Design, Communication
Fun Factoid:
Jess is from Chicago and yet still finds the Bay Area cold enough to require year-round beanie caps.

Maureen Keating Rader


Maureen has over 10 years experience as a software product manager and product marketer, focusing on new product, content and go-to-market strategies. She has worked on groundbreaking products at Apple, Adobe and Cisco in digital photography, web development tools, enterprise software and content security. She currently works with clients on marketing for web, SaaS, mobile and desktop and is excited to work with the Aliensun team.

Super Power:
Content Strategy, Marketing, feature prioritization, great user experiences, Project Management, content production, photography, video.
Fun Factoid:
Maureen’s face was the inspiration for the 1997 Puerto Rican Barbie.

Emily Kischell

Editor & Wordsmith

Emily Kischell is a technology-savvy content strategy and writing specialist, with gaming, mobile, book publishing, web and film industry experience. She was raised in the Bay Area by musician and actor parents in a little house on a hill overlooking foggy Alcatraz. She later attended Bennington College on academic scholarship where she studied creative writing under novelist Roland Merullo, playwright Gladden Schrock and essayist Edward Hoagland. Emily has practiced many forms of writing as a career for nearly twenty years, specializing in content development and copy for interactive media including character development and scripts for interactive games, as well as various content for DVD, print, mobile applications, and the web. Emily also works closely with published authors to develop book marketing strategies across social media under the umbrella of her freelance creative agency, Wordsorcery.

Super Power:
Content Strategy, Content Creation, Blogging, Copy Writing, Editing
Fun Factoid:
Emily juggles blindfolded. No, this is not a metaphor for a tragic case of amnesia contracted aboard a pirate ship during a botched session of bilge bocce ball. We actually have footage.

Declan Fitz

Illustrator & Jr. Designer

Declan is a San Francisco-based designer and illustrator. After graduating with the Dr. Robert Squeri Scholarship for Outstanding Achievement in Visual Arts from the Ruth Asawa School of the Visual Arts, he has been working with local brands to create unique designs. He recently collaborated with Aliensun Labs on the complete branding and ux design for a social gaming app called Brigands log.

Super Power:
Graphic Design, Illustration
Fun Factoid:
Declan is currently working on a graphic novel called Clint.

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